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PT Cruiser Hack Job in Business Week

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PT Cruiser fans, be aware of a cheap shot, hack article on the PT in the Feburay 25 to March 3 edition of Bloomberg's Business Week. Titled "The Last Days of the PT Cruiser". The article unfairly trashes the car by using words such as "dowdy", "dangerous", "uncomfortable", "sluggish" and "suffering" . Some parts of the article are basically factual, primarily the successful sales figures especially in the first generation years, but the bulk of the content was so subjectively negative to be laughable. There was mentioning of a recall for a power steering "fluid" issue implying that the death of two sisters involved in a crash in California in a rental PT was somehow due to some inherent fault in the PT's design. Nowhere were the terms original, unique, versatile, stylish, solid and practical used.

A very unfair portrayal of a very special and unique car. There were 1.4 million PT's sold. Probably one of the most successful single model's that Chrysler has ever produced.
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Enjoy the bad press! My wife and I just bought our cheap, ugly, unsafe PT, and I couldn't be happier with it. If I had the funds available, I'd buy a couple more.

I am lucky enough to own a Crossfire roadster (also bought used). I've read that the last of the Crossfires were sold on I know toward the end they went new for about 50% of list price.

Thanks to the general ignorance of the car-buying and car-reviewing public, I can have either car for less than the cost of a safer, lovlier, more interesting vehicle - a Honda, or even a Nissan.

If you want a fine older car to enjoy, find an Imperial at a fraction of the cost of a GM or Ford product.
Even MOPAR fans ignore them.

It does make life hard for Chrysler, but they've been the red headed stepchild since at least the 50's.

Michael, lucky new owner of a PT

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There will always those that bash the PT. The PT was enjoyed by both young and old, safe, reliable and reasonably economical like the Neon that it was based upon.
I hope that Chrysler keeps at least one retro car available. The Challenger is stunning, but not as useful as the PT. Detractors and critics are everywhere, you don't have to agree with them and most people probably don't.
Old Imperials aren't that collectable and that is a good thing. It makes them a perfect project car for those on a budget. Parts are out there and you have something that is special, fine, rare and to be cherished on a sunny day drive. Mine had this habit of pulling into ice cream stands.
The Crossfire coupe was a beautiful example of what Daimler and Chrysler could make happen together. I'm just sorry that the relationship was difficult and eventually soured on the vine. It was never marketed in a responsible way because I don't think that they knew how or what to do with the car. We could not move them off the lot. We had lookers, but no real buyers.

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Funny how they go to such trouble to trash a car that has been out of production for more than three years.
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