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PT GT noise from engine, Need help with ideas

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Looking for thoughts about this clacking noise my Daughters PT GT is making to help me diagnose for repairs.

My daughter has a 2006 PT GT 2.4 HO turbo automatic, 130k, it started making this clacking noise intermittently, it's not every time it starts, but if it does make the noise, it is on start up (not necessarily cold start up). Until now at least it has been that way, this last time it never stopped and the car was idling for 11 minutes.

Car was in pretty rough shape when I purchased it, but the engine ran strong with no unusual noises, it had a salvage title because it had been rear ended, I spent a lot of time fixing the rear, cleaning the interior (ick) and getting the engine up to current mileage services recommendations, including the timing belt.

No engine codes since all of the work a year ago, the codes I had then were related to the power steering pressure switch. The PS pump was shot and leaking everywhere.

As noted it is my daughters car, and when I have had the car to work on, it hasn't made the noise, so I have never heard it except for the below videos. I am working on getting the car to my house this weekend to look at (towing not driving).

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

Engine Details I know of:
  • New timing belt and associated recommended parts, pullys water pump, mounts etc. 1 year ago
  • New plug wires, spark plugs when timing belt was changed. 1 year ago
  • New valve cover seal 1 year ago.
  • oil and filter
  • Replaced the power steering pump lines and pressure sensor 1 year ago.
  • New radiator 1 year ago.
  • New coil, plugs and wires, 2 months ago (was hoping that the noise was a misfire, although I had no codes.

Here are a series of videos of the noise, the first videos are before I gave it a tune up (plugs, wires and coil):

The first time we heard it before a tune up:

After the tune up:

Last recording, Noise never stopped (11 minutes) shut car off and haven't driven or started, yesterday 11/24/21"
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I'd agree with Imperial Crown. To me it is more of a 'slapping' sound than an internal metallic clicking noise. The fact that the 'rhythm' changes, suggests, to me, something moving. Like the belt flopping or a bolt backing out and being hit differently each time. Just my thoughts.
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