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PT GT struts and shocks

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Hi there,
New to the forum.
I have a question for the masses. I own a '04 PT GT. I"ve owned it since new. About seven years ago I installed Eibach springs along with a set of Eibach sway bars. Nice stuff. At the time I installed KYB front struts and rear shocks. Due to the lowered stance of the springs, the struts didn't last long. Oh about a year before they started leaking. Now they just bottom out. Rears are clunking. Fast forward a couple of months ago. I ordered Koni front and rear shocks from a good online speedshop. They emailed me back a few days later explaining that Koni discontinued the shocks. I tried for Bilstein shocks with the same outcome. Discontinued. I really don't want to install KYB's again. They don't last with the set up I have. I'm looking for struts and shocks that will live in a lowered state. They offer coil overs, but, I've got these Eibach springs I'd hate to part with. Any suggestions??
Thanks, Guy
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Welcome to Allpar.

I'm going to move this to Performance, so that you get some more view on your tech issue.

I know that sometimes using a shock specified for a different vehicle will work when one needs to go shorter (GM BoF guys use Jeep shocks for example), I do not know how the suspension in this particular vehicle lends itself to that or not though.

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Why not go with the matching Eibach Pro-Dampers or whatever else they suggest to match their lowered springs? Also check the Watt's link in the rear as they can fail and rattle over bumps.
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