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pt security mode - bcm

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I have a 2006 PT cruiser and it sometimes present this malfunction.....the engine injection light on and the transmition stop at the 3rd....then you cant change the gear.....sometime this malfunction occur for days and in the other times it stays several days whithout this malfunctions.....someone tell me this is a module BCM malfunction, is it ?????
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Welcome to Allpar. It sounds like your yellow 'ck eng' light is on and the transaxle is going into 'limp-in'. You need to get the PCM/TCM module scanned for fault codes. An OBD 2 scanner should find them. Write down the 'P' code(s) and let us know what they are. Limp-in will keep a transaxle in 2nd gear because of a problem.
I don't know if the instrument cluster self-test will show any P-codes in the odometer or EVIC display, but you can try this first:
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