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i have a 2003 pt cruiser, i have replaced struts,wheel bearings,tie rod ends,ctrl arms w\lower ball joint,stabillizer bushings and links,and the rear bell crank. but i still have this allusive klunk when ever i hit a small bump in the road...anything at this point would be helpfull...i love my pt and considering getting rid of it if i can not resolve this only has 70,000 miles and i think it has plenty of life left in it.....please someone heeeellllpppp...

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When you replaced the struts, did you also replace the strut mounts and strut mount bushings? What about your bump stops? That would be the first place I would look.

Second would be the battery tie-downs (Start simple.)

Third would be the spare tire and jack, and anything else that stays in the car.

Forth would be engine and tranmission mounts, though those should make the noise more often.

Fifth would be the half-shafts to see if they have wear on them from contacting something they shouldn't.

Sixth would be the rack and pinion assembly.

Seventh would be anything on the firewall.

Eigth would be the tires (if they are oversized).

Beyond that, I'd need more specifics.

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Welcome to Allpar. First, a little more diagnosis is in order before just replacing any more parts on a best guess basis.
Locate the noise from both the driver's and passenger's seat. Compare notes.
Is it from the left or right side? Front or rear? Dash level or in front of or under your feet? Do you feel it in the steering wheel or floor?
Goes away with brakes on or not? Goes away on a turn or not?
The more information that you have, the more accurate the repair will be.
Although all suggestions here are helpful and valid, just trying parts that don't resolve the issue is both expensive and frustrating.
Finding the noise source can be 90% of the repair. The other 10% is just tightening the loose part or replacing the worn part.
You have clearance somewhere that there shouldn't be.
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