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Question about 2013 200/Avenger 2.4 engines

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I just got the 200 sales book and was looking over the engine choices and noticed there 2 2.4 engine choices. as printed in the book it says...."2.4 I-4 PZEV DOHC VVT world engine...4 and 6 speed automatic" then it says down further "the same thing but not with the "PZEV". are there 2 engines?? if so what are the differences??

According to the book it doesn't have any trans differences and or model level between the two. but they are limited the LX. both 25H and 24H packages.

Whats the deal?? anyone know??
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Was that way for 2012 as well - and likely earlier.

The PZEV-spec engine meets Federal Tier 2, Bin 5 emissions requirements and PZEV requirements in California, Massachusetts, New York, Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Oregon and Washington. It also meets Euro IV emissions requirements.

The non-PZEV spec is for all the other states, presumably.
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