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I have a 2013 Ram 1500 Laramie with the Hemi. Are there factory horse power restrictions on this engine until it reaches a certain amount of kilometers? I heard that you do not get your full horsepower until the truck has gone through a break in period.

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Not that I'm aware of. I have an '06 1500 w/Hemi and have never had felt any restrictions. There is a speed limiter of sorts that is based on the speed rating of the tires. They may be referring to a rev limiter if the truck is in park or neutral?

I can tell you my fuel mileage gradually increased as the engine "broke in". I've got 186,000+ miles on it now and have average 17.5 mpg (kept a fuel log) over its lifetime.

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Proper 'break-in' does require sensible driving habits, but I don't think that there is engine software that reduces power during that time. Drive it like you normally do.
A couple of strong, loaded acceleration bursts are suggested for proper piston ring seating, but no unloaded high rpm as that can cause damage. I believe that there is a rev-limiter for Park or Neutral high rpm that keeps the engine under 3000 rpm in these ranges.
Engine torque may be de-rated in certain conditions (like a limp-in) when there are faults present, such as an electronic throttle body (drive by wire) control issue, etc.
The torque converter may have a 'break-in' software program in the TCM that 'burnishes' the clutch friction surfaces for the first 1000 miles. It is a scan tool menu selection under 'Replaced torque converter/TCC break-in'. Proper t/converter break-in should keep the clutch from shuddering and give long life.

This procedure is used to properly condition torque converter clutch to prevent shudder during clutch engagement. Break-in procedure must be used if torque converter is replaced or TCM is changed from one vehicle to another. TCC break-in procedure must be reset to start process. Break-in procedure is performed in 3 stages; START, IN-PROGRESS and COMPLETE. In the START stage, full clutch engagement exists. In the IN-PROGRESS stage, partial clutch engagement exists with progressive clutch slippage. In the COMPLETE stage, partial clutch engagement exists with 60 RPM clutch slippage. TCC break-in procedure will be reset to START to indicate test has been successfully completed.
Break-In Procedure
Connect scan tool to DLC located under driver's side of instrument panel. Follow scan tool prompts to TCC BREAK-IN, in the TRANSMISSION CONTROL MODULE/MISCELLANEOUS section. Start procedure as commanded by scan tool.
NOTE:It may be necessary to consult manufacturer to determine Final Drive Ratio (FDR) number when performing pinion factor procedure.
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