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Ram 4000: Higher capacity Ram 3500 chassis-cab for Mexico

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According to Allpar sources in Mexico, the Ram 4000 chassis cab has been a popular choice for buses and other vehicles, with bodies made to order. A Chrysler México spokesman wrote that the main differences between the Ram 3500 and the Ram 4000 are:

  • The addition of a Tremec TR4050 five speed manual transmission, not available on the 3500 (which does have a G56 six-speed manual transmission). The manual transmission is standard on rear wheel drive trucks, while the 66RFE automatic is standard on the 4x4.
  • A modified rear suspension which has a higher payload and "accounts for the Mexican duty cycle." The Ram 4000 has a 3,501 kg (7,718 lb) capacity, around 200 kg more than an equivalent Ram 3500.
  • Ram 4000 is only sold with a 5.7L Hemi engine chassis, with a dual rear wheel axle. In the United States, the Ram 3500 is only sold with a single-wheel rear wheel axle when the 5.7L engine is fitted.

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With regard to the rear suspension changes, Ram 4000's overall rear suspension rate is 175 N/mm (compared with 168 N/mm on the Ram 3500); and one of the rear leaves is thicker on the Ram 4000 by 0.66mm, due to the higher payload rating and the different uses in Mexico. Stability control calibration was modified to take these changes into account.

To clarify the "different uses in Mexico," according to a company spokesman, Mexican trucks tend to be used:

  • More for hauling than for towing
  • At much higher altitudes (several major cities are at least 1,800 yards above sea level)

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Therefore, testing in Mexico is performed at much higher altitudes, and while "validation and severity of the tests is equivalent for both trucks, the Mexican variants are designed to have a higher hauling usage than the US counterparts."

Unlike the Ram 3500 chassis cab, there is no Cummins diesel option for the Ram 4000. The 5.7 gasoline engine is rated at the same 383 horsepower at 5,600 rpm and 400 lb-ft of torque at 4,000 rpm as the American version; both American and Mexican versions have a 4.10:1 axle ratio (with that engine), but the American one comes with a standard 66RFE automatic, which is only used on the Ram 4000 4x4.

Air conditioning is optional on rear wheel drive models, but most or all of the safety features remain standard.

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Pricing as of November 24, 2014, including a promotion, was MX$352,900 for the base "P" level, MX$362,900 for the "PL," and MX$496,900 for the 4x4. By comparison, the US Ram 3500 started at $31,700 for the Tradesman, US$35,170 for the SLT, and US$42,715 for the SLT Crew 4x4 (there is also a luxury Laramie Crew 4x4 at US$47,770; Laramie is sold in 4x2 and regular cab form, too. All US prices include rebates and incentives as of November 24, 2014).

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The Ram 4000 is less expensive than American versions - partly because it has a shorter list of standard equipment, including air conditioning; and the American versions have a six-speed manual while the Mexican rear wheel drive versions have a five-speed manual. However, the Mexican version has a standard "duallie" setup and a stronger rear suspension.

Ram 4000*Converted to US$*Ram 3500 US$*
P / Tradesman352,90025,89631,700
PL / SLT362,90026,63035,170
4x4 / SLT 4x4496,90036,46342,715

* With incentives, and pesos-to-dollars conversions, as of November 24, 2014.

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One upfitter is Vanetesa, which upfits Ram 4000s into light 27-passenger buses; they also make minibuses on General Motors chassis, using a 6-liter V8. They use the Ram 4000's manual-transmission rear-drive chassis cab as the base, and can fit a natural gas option. One sample from their web site:

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Ram 3500 vs Ram 4000 dimensions and specifications

When comparing these vehicles, it is important to realize that the Ram 3500 figures are only for chassis cabs with the 5.7 liter gasoline engine, not the 6.4 liter gasoline or 6.7 liter diesels. Figures on the left are from the Chrysler Mexico site, the figures on the right are from the site.

Ram 4000Ram 3500
Transmissions (all)66RFE auto (4x4)
TR4050 manual (RWD)
66RFE, Aisin auto (gasoline)
G56, Aisin auto (diesel)
Engines5.7 Hemi only5.7 and 6.4 Hemi
6.7 Cummins diesel
Front headroom (reg cab)40.340.3
Headroom, F/R (crew)41.0/39.941.0/39.9
Legroom (reg cab)41.041.0
Legroom, F/R (crew)41.0/43.141.0/43.1
Front suspension3-link with sway bar3 link
Rear suspensionLeaf springsLeaf springs
Max gross vehicle weight
(5.7 Hemi)
13,830 lb
(5,711-6,332 kg)
10,500 lb
Curb weight (5.7 Hemi)6,020 - 7,383
(2,731-3,349 kg)
5,772 - 6,487
Cargo capacity (payload)
5.7 Hemi
5,511 (4x4)
7,718 (RWD)
(2,502-3,501 kg)
4,010 (4x4 max)
4,730 lb (RWD max)
Towing capacity10,388-12,756 lb
(4,712-5,786 kg)
13,360 - 14,080 lb
Axle ratio(s)4.104.10 (others opt)
Max F/R axle capacity6,001 - 9,850 lb
2,722 / 4,468 kg
Fuel tank197 liters197 liters
Note: weights are converted from kilograms. Comparisons are to Ram 3500 Chassis Cab Dually Tradesman.


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