The United States is the world’s largest pickup market, and it is dominated by three companies — with Toyota picking up most of the midsized and some of the full-size sales, and Nissan consistently trying to grab more of the pie.

For June, as usual, Ford won the day, with its heavy penetration into commercial sales, fine marketing, aluminum bodies, and wide variety. They reached a stunning 70,937 sales in June — up 29% from last June — and sold 395,244 pickups for the year. Those sales didn’t come cheap, with massive incentives on many trucks.


GM, as usually, came in second place. The Silverado won 49,662 buyers for the month (273,652) for the year; both numbers are down somewhat from 2015. Add in the GMC Sierra for the real picture — that’s 17,162 more for the month and 106,466 more for the year. Together, GM hit 66,824 for June and 380,118, close behind Ford, despite corporate attempts to cut incentives.

As for Ram, we’re looking at 38,126 pickups for June and 231,405 for the year. Ram appears to be constrained by the capacity of its two pickup plants, Warren and Saltillo, but they are working on a move to higher-capacity stomping grounds in nearby Sterling Heights. Warren will be used for overflow or different Rams, along with new Jeeps.

Toyota, meanwhile, managed just 9,433 Tundra sales for the month, with 54,966 so far for the year.

Wondering what would happen if Ram entered the midsize pickup world? GM sold 51,227 Colorados so far this year, and 17,362 Canyons, for a total of nearly 70,000 pickups. Toyota, the segment master, picked up 95,035 sales for the year — up 7% from last year, despite increased competition from General Motors.