Edgardo Campos Mota pointed out that the Ram Cargo Van is now called Ram C/V Tradesman on the official web site. According to Edgardo, the Ram C/V Tradesman will be joined by the Ram C/V ProMaster (née Fiat Ducato) and Ram C/V ProMaster City (presumably, née Fiat Doblo).

The Tradesman is a well-modified Dodge Caravan, with a special interior, suspension tuning, and other changes to make it better suited to the commercial van market. It has slowly been catching on, against fierce competition from the far more popular Ford Transit vans. The latter are imported from Europe with a bare minimum of assembly in the US to avoid heavy taxes on imported trucks.


Ram has announced the ProMaster name (going to reveals a photographic equipment company with the same name and InterCap) and the Ducato tie-in, saying that the van would be modified by Ram for American conditions. It will be built in Mexico by Chrysler, and is likely to be shipped to both North and South America, though Fiat already supplies South America and Mexico with Ducatos.

Dodge sold a Tradesman B-van for many years, and recently applied the name to a line of Ram 1500 pickups.