Reid Bigland, chief of the Ram brand, spoke with a representative of Chrysler’s digital media group and Motor Trend editor Ed Loh about the Ram 1500 Truck of the Year announcement today.

While EPA numbers are not yet ready, Mr. Bigland said that they would likely appear within the next month or two. Mr. Loh had already said that, at 80-85 mph, he was getting around 28 mpg on the highway.

Around 15% of Grand Cherokee sales in Canada in November 2013 were diesel-powered; Mr. Bigland said that while they would make as many as customers wanted, (presumably limited by VM’s capability to make them), the diesels were expected to be roughly 10% of the total Ram production. This is a higher number than many expected. [Note: we originally, incorrectly reported that 15% of Ram 1500 sales in Canada were diesels. Thanks to RamMan for calling that out.]

Mr. Bigland noted the 420 lb-ft of torque from the modern 3-liter V6 diesel, and its ability to tow 9,200 pounds; he praised the low-end torque of the engine, and its helpfulness in towing, saying pickups were an ideal place for diesel engines. He also pointed out the many other advantages of Ram 1500 trucks which are not matched by other competitors.