People driving past the Pontiac Silverdome grounds may be wondering why there is a stockpile of Ram 1500 diesels sitting, ironically, at the opposite end of the lot from a group of Volkswagen and Audi diesels from the 2015 stop-sale.

Just as the story behind the Ram and Volkswagen/Audi emissions issues were vastly different, the story behind the vehicles is different. Volkswagen and Audi, one may recall, deliberately “sniffed out” testing regimens and only used emissions-reduction gear at full strength during tests.   Ram’s programming appears to have been far less intentional , and there’s no evidence of “test sniffing.”

Today, Ram is authorized by the EPA to sell both 2017 and 2018 diesel 1500s.  However, Ram apparently started building new 2017s before certification was made official , and then started building 2018s. It takes time to move all those trucks out to dealers — and the 2018s are waiting for all the 2017s to get to dealer lots — so the overflow are temporarily parked.