Fiat and Ram hit their best-ever annual numbers in Mexico, with FCA reaching 100,846 sales for the year. There are some caveats, since there are many “badge exchanges” in the division.

Overall, FCA Mexico sales fell. Industry-wide, sales fell 5% for the year; GM lost 16%, Nissan lost 9%, and VW lost 5% for the year, with Toyota and Honda staying roughly even. Hyundai sales rose by 28% (the company used to distribute through Chrysler, but no longer does so), and Hyundai-Kia now claims 9% of the Mexican market.

The biggest seller by far was Dodge, with a qualification: its top seller was a badge-engineered Mitsubishi. With 34,334 sales, Dodge claimed around a third of all FCA Mexico volume for 2017. The company sold 19,433 Attitudes — rebranded Mitsubishis — which eclipsed sales of Mitsubishis with their own nameplates (1,683 in total).  Another good seller, though not in the same class, was the Neon — a rebadged Fiat Tipo.

Ram claimed 24,737 sales, a 1% increase over 2016, setting a new record; but its best seller was the Ram 700 , a rebadged Fiat Strada, built in Brazil, and driven by a descendent of the old Neon engine.

Jeep’s position was nowhere near its US rank, with 12,661 total sales. In December, the Italian-made Renegade was the brand’s top seller, far ahead of all other models.

Fiat followed closely behind Jeep, with 12,498 sales; the best selling fiats were the Mobi and Uno, neither of which is sold in America, together claiming nearly three quarters of Fiat sales.

Chrysler trailed far behind with just 953 sales, not surprisingly, given its large, high-end line of two cars. Alfa Romeo, likewise, claimed 377 sales.