Among all the other Ram upgrades, it was easy to miss one — the USB ports moving from the original plug standard to USB-C, the latest standard. The primary benefit of the physical USB-C format is being able to plug in “upside down” — there’s no more USB-dance, where you try to plug something, try flipping it over, still can’t get it in, and find out it was the right way up the first time.


The USB-C standard allows for output up to 20V and 5 amps (volts x amps = watts, so this is 100 watts). That provides a good amount of  computer or tablet-charging power; many laptops have chargers that only use 50 to 85 watts.

For those of us who haven’t updated yet, there are also old-fashioned “just keep flipping it over until it goes in” USB ports.

The alternating current (A/C) outlet is good for up to 400 watts.

Spotted by Brennan Muir