Jeep sales fell 3% last month, along with every FCA US brand except Ram. FCA US sales fell by 1% overall, despite a 23% increase in incentive spending that took FCA's average to $4,302, the highest of the major automakers.


The domestic brands only fell by 0.3%, but Fiat brands plunged by 30%.  Car sales dropped by a full quarter (25%), while minivan deliveries fell by 6%. Crossover and SUV sales declined by 3%, with only the Dodge Journey, Jeep Grand Cherokee. and Jeep Patriot beating their numbers from last September.

The bright spot was a 29% jump in Ram pickup sales; there was also a 17% gain in deliveries of the ProMaster van, and, ironically (given higher incentives), an estimated 4% increase in average transaction prices.

FCA is still king of the hill when it comes to crossover and SUV sales. and Jeep is still the best-selling crossover-SUV brand. The company’s domestic brands even gained market share, as the overall market fell by 0.7%.  Ford dropped by 8% and GM was essentially stable, with a 0.6% fall. Honda stayed within 100 sales of September 2015, and Toyota gained 1.5%.

Fleet sales accounted for 24% of FCA sales last month.

Despite the drop, 2016, as a whole, should still see more FCA US sales than 2015; year-to-date deliveries remain 4% ahead of 2015 year-to-date.

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 U.S. SalesSept 16Sept 15ChangeYTD 2016YTD 2015Change
Chrysler 2003,1859,944-68%48,959138,536-65%
Chrysler 3005,4596,606-17%44,04039,81011%
Chrysler Pacifica9,1720NEW35,5720NEW
Chrysler Town & Country9819,249-89%57,92662,085-7%
Dodge Avenger238-95%441,257-96%
Dodge Challenger5,6984,77119%51,14152,228-2%
Dodge Charger10,0567,46635%72,27072,5830%
Dodge Dart2,5977,096-63%37,26768,320-45%
Dodge Viper3850-24%447521-14%
Dodge Grand Caravan8,1799,941-18%102,73265,38357%
Dodge Durango4,2744,703-9%53,09346,11915%
Dodge Journey12,09111,4426%77,94682,035-5%
Jeep Cherokee17,99520,484-12%158,346160,341-1%
Jeep Compass6,4827,701-16%72,91648,19251%
Jeep Grand Cherokee18,50715,71518%153,926141,6799%
Jeep Patriot12,3169,28033%96,03989,6667%
Jeep Renegade6,7767,774-13%77,25236,513112%
Jeep Wrangler14,25517,486-18%148,627157,255-5%
Cargo Van09Disc.212,146Disc.
ProMaster City856920-7%12,6495,369136%
ProMaster Van3,2182,76217%26,54419,22538%
Chrysler Brands189,929190,441-0.3%1,688,8431,622,8004%
Romeo 4C3456-39%411511-20%
Alfa Romeo Brand4156-27%418511-18%
124 Spider4900NEW1,4310NEW
Fiat Brands2,9544,225-30%25,51731,524-19%