Ram hosted a ProMaster City driveaway today for New York/New Jersey dealers, who seemed satisfied with the product.  The quirky-looking but highly adaptable vans, whose road manners may stun anyone used to old B-vans or Econolines, have been selling better than expected.

The ProMaster City  took much longer to arrive in sales lots than many outsiders expected, along the way missing the “first to market” advantage. Based on the Fiat Doblò Maxi, it has a Chrysler 2.4 liter engine, nine-speed automatic, and class-leading 48.4 inches of space between the wheel-wells.


Allpar notes some of the changes that went into creating the ProMaster City in its product page ; and has a week-long test drive of the nimble van as well.

fleet vans - ProMaster City