The Ramcharger is coming back, but not in quite the same way you may have expected.

The original Ramcharger was a two-door, truck-based sport-utility; the new one is not a four-door SUV , nor a Durango clone, but a wireless charging pad.

Artist’s rendering of what we had actually expected

Allpar member HemiDakota found the trademark application for “Wireless charging pad for smartphones incorporated as an integral part of a motor vehicle.” The company filed for the trademark on August 1, 2018. It’s a pretty snazzy name for a gadget which most people don’t know Chrysler has offering for years.

Ryan Dodd updated our story with a photo of an actual Ramcharger (above).

As for Jeep Spirit, the filing took place on July 17; don’t expect a new car (despite the old Eagle Spirit), because it was filed for T-shirts. Apparently, the company created a Jeep Spirit T-shirt design back in 2015, and is trademarking it now.