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Ramcharger wheel cylinder

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I am currently working on a 1989 ram charger and have had countless problems finding parts such as wheel bearings and wheel cylinders I was wondering if anyone could help. The wheel bearings came from a 1 ton dodge and the truck is listed as a ram charger custom s.
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Both the 4x4 and 2 wheel drive take the same wheel cylinders and wheel bearings. The Duralast bearing # for the front is D15101 and run $7.99 each at my local store. The Timken bearing is # LM104949 and is $10.99. The race I guess is sold separately, although they used to come with the new bearing. Duralast # is D15245 and is $3.99. Timken race # is JLM104910 and is $6.69. Rear wheel cylinder for both part# 33597 and run $10.49 each. I didn't bother to price seals for the wheel bearings, although you'd need to replace them too. These are for outer wheel bearings that I looked at. You didn't state which bearings for front or rear and whether or not you have 2WD or 4WD and whether you're running a 318 or 360. You can go to Autozones website and find all of this information for yourself.
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