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Rampage weather stripping?

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Does anyone know of a source for weather stripping for our cars?

I have searched rampage weather stripping and I just get JCWhitney universal crap, or websites that give you full size truck part numbers.

I search Omni or Charger weather stripping and all I get is universal crap again.

I need it all. Two pieces on outside and inside of glass, plus the rubber that goes along the body for when the window is rolled up.

She's getting a full overhaul...

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You can still buy the outer door window scrapers from your local Mopar

For some reason, the part numbers are hard to find when you ask the parts person.

But, you're in luck! I have them!

Part numbers are 4198579 and 4198618.

Mopar had a batch done around 2007.

If I recall right, they are like $85.00 a side.

Central California
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