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So back in 2003 I had my 88-89 2.2L Dodge Daytona car project and I had purchased a performance camshaft from my local machine shop, from what I remember its not a CompCam or any 'Name' brand camshaft but it was an aftermarket camshaft that was near the specs of one of the camshafts from Aarons old website Camshafts (at )

I no longer have the car or that engine but I did save the camshaft, however since I don't know the specific spec's of the camshaft nor do I have a part number anymore I'm gonna have to let it go cheap. I DO remember it gave the car a nice lope and I think I have a video somewhere in my file archives that I can post later when I FIND it with the engine running with this cam installed.

I will say it does have some light pitting on some of the lobes where it was resting on the slider rockers on the cylinder head for several years before I removed it recently.

Hopefully someone can polish the lobes and use it on their project. Selling it cheap because of the pitting and I have no idea what the cam spec's are.

Asking $50 +Shipping

Please PM me for more information or pictures. Buyer must pay for shipping. I accept PayPal.


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