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3 speed wiper switch for a 75 dart se
36 tooth spedometer gear for a 904
plus some 904 intearnal parts
Those speedo gears have become extremely pricey over the past couple decades. I saved about a dozen with most being in the 26 - 28 tooth range. Used to walk thru core piles in the day and carry 1/2" combo wrench and remove clamp and then pull out adapter then slide out whatever gear and then re-install adapter and clamp. Wouldn't want dirt to get in. ;). The 35 - 36 popular for 3.55 gears (plus or minus) depending of course on tire circumf.
The ones above 40 teeth rarest of all, and, 904's and 727's use same gears.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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