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Re-upped with Chrysler w/ a new Jeep

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Been looking across brands for a new vehicle and after a week of having multiple dealers negotiating on a 2014 JGC, I finally said wth and drove home a 2014 Laredo E 4x4 (AWD) and I don't regret it at all. So far only 500 miles on the odometer and the avg mpg is 22.3 mpg. This is a number my old Liberty never achieved. Comparing the ride quality and comfort to my old Liberty is like night and day. I see this JGC in my driveway for quit awhile.
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Congrats! Good news.

We went to Rochester and Toronto and back. Including all city driving and such, (two days in Rochester and four in Toronto), we averaged 31 mpg. Would have gotten 32 but the hills on the way back (via Route 17/future 86) dragged us down!

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Nice! Yes, those Grand Cherokees are awesome. Congratulations!
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