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Reading codes

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Some questions on getting fault codes...

Is there a scan tool that will plug in and read the pre-96 Dakotas (OBD 1?)?? I ask because I've never been able to count the flashes accurately, they just don't flash right on my truck. I've noticed 2 smaller plugs hanging below the driver's dash on my '94, also on a '95 I checked out today, are those plugs for a scan tool, if so, where can i find it?

On a 96 Dakota, how complete are the codes that show up through the OBD 2 port? Last week I scanned a 96 and it showed "no codes," even though 2 vacuum lines were unplugged and the truck was stalling. Is the 96 code bank incomplete because it was the first year or something?

Thanks for any help
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Thanks for explaining that. Looking on ebay the Snapon MT2500 or DRB2 scanners sell for $500-up? ...and DRB3 is $1,000-up?? ...Then an adaptor, card, code book, cost $100-up?? By the time I got one for my truck it would cost more than the truck is worth. Considering the scanners are 20 years old, this sounds pretty crazy!! ...considering my $50 OBD2 will scan any vehicle from 96-up and tell me the faults in English... ... ... thanks again for the help!!! that explains a lot.

So... does anyone knows if a plow from a 96-down Dakota will fit on a 97-up? Basically if the front crossmembers are the same, with the oval holes underneath, and the same distance to the front bumper and frame ends?? I have an old plow, but my truck is getting tired, and the old Dakotas are getting scarce. And $1000-up for an old scan tool is crazy! thanks again for any help....
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Hey thanks for the link to the scan tool. It is on Amazon for under $200. It says it will read all Chryslers 84-95. Would you mind checking the link to see if it has the right plug to connect to my 94?

Sorry i didn't see your posts earlier, i don't get email notes about responses for some reason, after a week or so i forget to check back on the forum. thanks again-
Your truck may flash fine for you but mine doesn't work for me. If you want to come see for yourself that would be great. But there's no way you can do it for me on a computer screen and frankly I'm tired of debting this issue. I'm not the only one who feels this way as I see people spending upwards of $2000 for vintage Chrysler scan tools. As attested to in the posts above. That makes $200 look like a bargain.

I'm willing to spend that to be able to read my codes, also to open up the whole pre-96 range of Dakotas as a replacement now that mine's getting tired. I've spent more than that paying shops to (mis)diagnose my truck, and would rather scan it myself.

Again, can anybody tell me if the tool I posted above on has the proper cable(s) to plug into the pre-96 Dakotas? thanks
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1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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