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Rear axle tube question

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Just getting around to cleaning up the axle that DakotaDan sold me to replace mine with the failed spring perch. Sanding the light rust/dust coating off and priming it with Rustoleum Rust Reformer.

When the sanding disc touched the round axle tube that's inside the inverted U-channel, the tube moved. It's not welded on both ends, at least one end is floating freely in the hole. No danger of falling out, and let me be clear, the tube is not broken. But my questions are, is it supposed to be welded at each end, and if the answer is yes and I leave it, will I be hearing a rattle over the slighest bumps? I've heard of people mentioning a rattle, but can't remember if they actually had a fractured tube, or if it had broken free at either end and was supposed to be welded. Prompt answers much appreciated. I was going to install it tomorrow, but if I have to have it welded, that's another setback of a week. Thanks.

BTW, the spring perches are solid. One small rust hole in the left perch, about the size of a fingernail, in addition to the drain holes. I reamed the edges gently with a drill bit to be sure that all of the soft metal is out and it won't spread - looks very good. Should last as long as the rest of the car.

EDIT: I checked out my original axle, still on the car but with the car raised - and the tube also can be moved slightly, and it never made a sound. So I think I'm OK. The replacement axle has two coats of Rustoleum Rust Reformer, and it goes on tomorrow.
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I think you're ok too. I have heard of this issue as well. My 90 Lebaron convertible's tube makes an occasional noise from the broken welds, but does no harm. I once owned a 94 Spirit where a previous owner had wrapped the tube in heavy wire, evidently out of fear the axle would fall out.
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