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Rear disc brakes?

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I've been looking to see if anyone made an aftermarket rear disc brake setup for the 9.25" axle. It looks like there are a few kits, but they're made for big-bolt-pattern trucks, not 5 on 4.5" cars.

I got to thinking, isn't the axle housing flange the same bolt pattern for the backing plate for the 8.25" axle as for the 9.25" axle? If so, wouldn't that mean that any brakes that fit that flange on the 8.25 would fit the 9.25?

I ask because apparently there were some Jeeps in the mid to late nineties with 5 on 4.5" rear disc brakes on the 8.25, apparently the Cherokee in particular. Would that mean that a junkyard rear-disc-brake Cherokee could be a source for rear disc brakes and proportioning valves for our cars?
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Tannon: I wouldn't even bother with rear disc brakes since; if nothing else, you'll still need a parking brake and the 11" x 2.5" Mopar rear drums work quite well. :)
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