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rear end and disc brake help please

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I come seeking your wisdom. I am working on a 1957 belvedere convertible with a poly 318 and a push button torqueflight. I would like to replace the keyway rear axle shafts with more modern an stronger flanged shafts. is this possible as a "just slide 'em in" replacement in an 8 3/4 rear end? I really do not want to replace the entire rear end. I would also like to install 10 or 11 inch rear drums of a more modern (70's-80's) design at the same time. I would also ask if there are any front disc brake steering knuckles that can be installed to up grade the brakes in the front.(ie. volare,fury,charger etc.) that would just swap in. the car right now is all original and I want to keep that way excwpt for these safety and reliability factors.
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The pre1965 and the post 1966 rear ends have different axles. You can find very little on them or the differences, but the axle flanges are different and although the third member will swap, the axles will not swap at the pre and post 1966 models. Find another rear end, sorry, but at least you can use the same gears you have, just make sure the axle splines are the same (count them, there are only a couple number of splines).
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