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Rear Spring Isolators

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In the process of 'refreshing (cleaning/painting)' the rear axle/suspension... all looks solid.

Removed the springs - top isolators look and feel OK, the lowers look great (I was surprised, thought they would appear worn), but the lowers feel like they are filled with crunchy pellets - are they normally a solid metal ring surrounded by rubber? I'll be placing an order to polybushings for a new lower set.

Other news:
Visited Cema last month - the 'one day' the Chrysler Museum was re-opened. Really enjoyed the history, and of course, the cars. Anyone else seen an M4S in person? There was (only) one G body Daytona...
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Wiki says it set the record of 195mph using a 2.2 turbo pushing 400hp. Pretty impressive I would say.
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