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I got a free 99 neon that I'm turning into a circle track car. last night my dad brought something up. Wasn't the PT cruiser based on the neon platform, and if it was, can I swap the PT cruisers' watts link rear suspension into the neon? has to be stock suspension, didn't say stock to what.

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The rear suspension and rear floor structure is one thing that is considerably different about the platform between the PL and PT. The load-bearing rear axle swing pivots/bushing mount points may be in a similar enough position? Track width and setback would have to be measured and compared. You may have MIG weld some mounting structure.
The PL had independent rear suspension while the PT was a semi-rigid axle.
You might look for Neon ACR or R/T or trick aftermarket suspension pieces.
The ACR was nice that the KYB struts were adjustable. I had a couple of books about building 1st gen Neons that are out-of-print, but should still be available:


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