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Rebuilding 31TH - 97 GC Converter Solenoid ?

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Hello All!

Working on the 97 G Caravan 3.0L 3 spd again.

A little history. With this transmission I was getting error codes. Don't remember which ones at this point. It would jerk when starting from a stop. All of a sudden had no forward gears. Would only move in reverse.

What I found when I tore it apart was the clutch disks were bad. Got a Mopar Rebuild Kit.

I'm putting everything back together again and wondering if there is a way to test the Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid while I have it apart? I'd hate to get it back together just to find that it needs to be replaced. I have a factory service manual for this van and also online ATSG manual for the 31TH transmission and neither one mentions it.

Thanks for reading!
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Do you remember any error codes for the torque converter lock-up clutch? The solenoid screen can plug from clutch debris if the clutches were coming apart. The solenoid itself can be tested by applying 12 volts briefly and seeing if the flow through the solenoid valve changes from off to on. Electrically they were fairly reliable.
The torque converter itself should probably be replaced with a reman unit as they can't really be drained and cleaned. If there is high mileage, the TCC is probably worn. Almost all TCC error codes were because of a worn TCC and front pump hub.
Make sure that the ATF cooler in the radiator isn't restricted with clutch debris. Sometimes they can't be flushed and the radiator may need replacement. Be sure to use ATF+4 when refilling
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