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Rebuilt 94 3.0 in Voyager having no start issue

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I just rebuilt the 3.0 in my 94 voyager due to the rear cam locking up. I have replaced both heads with new, hone job with new pistons and rings new main and rod bearings, waterpump, timing belt and tensioner, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, all seals, new oil pump yada yada yada. I know my timing marks all line up as I have checked, rechecked and then checked again. when I went to fire it up I got irratic firing back through the plenum and a strong oder of fuel. I have fouled two sets of plugs pulled and dropped pulled and redropped the distributor. Still fires but irraticly backfires through plenum. I did find that there were some wires on the ECM side of the injector harness that the casing had cracked and it appeared that the wires were possibly shorting on each other and or valve cover. They were not broke or coroded so I liquid taped them and reinstalled new plugs same thing? I have no codes in ECM other than 12 and 55 that is because I disconnected the battery cable with hopes that some magic may come my way no luck. Anyways with the PCM giving me codes is it still good? Or is it possible given the short issue I found that the fuel driver side can be wiped out and still get codes? Or is it possibly in distributor it does have 250000 plus on it? I am at my wits end just curious if anyone can give me some insight into this. I am honestly thinking myself PCM is good and distributor is bad as it is either the internal crank and or cam sensor that has failed?
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Be careful about the distributor cap on these, the cap firing order can be misleading.. There are internal conductors molded into the top of the cap to route the spark from the underside terminal to the plug wire terminal which may be 2 positions away.
The plug terminal isn't always directly above the underside terminal like conventional caps. Recheck your cap firing order and the true position of the #1 plug wire tower.
I concur with IC. When the engine is set up at TDC, the distributor rotor is pointing pretty close to the 3 O'Clock position when looking from vehicle front to back. The #1 wire is close to the 12 O'Clock position on the cap.

EDIT: I found this picture (borrowed):

The line marked in black pen is where your dustributor rotor tip should be pointing with all the timing marks lined up (TDC).

Go to this link for more info on setting up the timing:
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That was it thanks I really appreciate it! Learned something today LOL I have never dealt with a cap like this had me stumped for a while. Got a hundred miles on it tonight runs like a champ. Have some code issues but I will fish through those. Again many thanks!
Post the codes you're having and you're likely to get help ironing those out too. I'm not a mechanic, but there are a LOT of guys here that are. I've had great help from various members over the years I've been here.
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