Around 22,000 2017-18 Jeep Cherokees are being recalled because the tire information stickers were missing tire and rim sizes; customers may install the wrong replacement wheels or tires as a result. The recall, which will consist of providing corrected labels, will start on October 20, and has internal reference code T53.

The problem only applies to Cherokees made in Belvidere and sold in the United States, and was apparently caused by plant software using passenger-car rather than MPV safety statements when Cherokee production at Belvidere began on February 27, 2017 — the first time this date has been released. The problem was fixed by hard-coding the KL into the software.

Toledo North built Cherokees until April 6, 2017; vehicles built in Toledo do not have the problem. The Toledo plant has always made Jeeps, while Belvidere was a car plant and only relatively recently stopped making Dodge Darts.