After an internal investigation found that the brake-transmission shift interlock could overheat on some Ram trucks, FCA chose to recall around 225,000 pickups and chassis cabs.

The recall only affects vehicles with the old-fashioned steering-column-based shifters — not those with the new “knob.”  The problem has been linked to drivers who hold down the brake pedal for a long period while idling in Park.

Ram Harvest New Holland blue

If the system overheats, the shifter could be moved without having a key in the ignition or a foot on the brake, which could bring the truck to move unless the parking brake is correctly adjusted and applied. So far, there have been no known real-world accidents from this issue.

The company has, according to Allpar sources, already issued a stop-sale notice to dealers. Replacement parts are showing up in the dealer system as being available in August, but might show up sooner.

Vehicles affected include 2017-2018 Ram 2500 and 3500 pickups, along with all capacities of chassis cabs; and 2016 Ram 3500 chassis cabs with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of under 10,000 pounds. A relatively small number of 2017-2018  Ram 1500 pickups are also included.

Customers will be contacted when they can come in for service, and in the meantime should be sure to use the parking brake and, presumably, avoiding spending long periods idling in Park with their foot on the brake pedal. FCA’s Recall Information Center can be reached at (866) 220-6747.