FCA is recalling Jeep Grand Cherokees with the most powerful engine options to replace the driver’s-side floor mats, because they can trap the gas pedal and result in a runaway. The recall covers over 5,000 Grand Cherokee SRTs and Grand Cherokee Trackhawks, which tame their 485-707 horsepower engines with all-wheel-drive. Around a third of these are still on dealer lots, which is both good news (easier recalls, less risk) and bad news (nobody’s bought them yet).

trackhawk with rep

FCA isn’t away of any crashes caused by the problem, which was found after a single customer complaint. The company has long had brake-throttle override, so that slamming on the brakes automatically cuts engine power, even if the gas pedal is being pushed down.

The company is sending out new floor mats, and in the meantime, has asked that owners immediately take out the driver's-side floor mats.

FCA sold 11 sets of the same floor mats through Mopar from November 2017 and March 2018; these are being recalled, too.

Customers can go online to check their Jeep’s recall status or call  (800) 853-1403. There are 4,822 Jeeps recalled in the US, 996 in Canada, 164 in Mexico, and 763 in the rest of the world.