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Reccomendations for Aftermarket PCM Re-Flashing

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I know, I know, the title of this post ought to get some concerned replies, and I would agree. Please understand the context is a couple diesel pickups' ECM's ('98.5 and a 6.7 in an '08) I would like to try reflashing for improved MPG, shift points, less shifting under load at times, ect. Just looking for a bit more power, nothing radical, no mods, not interested in pouring black smoke on the bow-tie or anything like that. But it would have to be a multi-vehicle scan-tool-type of device able to be used on more than 1 rig.
What would really be good, would be some kinda laptop-based deal with all the cables needed and really get into the code and tweak it how you want it. (of course at your own risk, I know, I know- CARB and all the rest.......)
And If y'all know of a good website and/or forum for this kinda tuning, please post what you know of. Sure appreciate this site, and figured if anyone knew, y'all would!
Thanks much. ;)
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Any tuning for 'more power' will just mean running richer and slightly worsening gas mileage. If it were possible to get both more power and gas mileage, the factory would have programmed such an algorithm.
Most aftemarket "tuners" are tuned to get more power, not fuel mileage. OEM is the best overall set up for fuel mileage and optimal power.
Like this?:

I've heard that marine-duty 5.9L Cummins diesels offer more performance tweaks than the highway-duty ones due to emission regulations.
The 6.7L may be more difficult to modify as that is managed as a clean diesel.
In order to control shift points, your best bet is a stick-shift.
The actual ECM software codes are factory priority and a very well guarded secret. The vehicle manufacturers need it this way in order to certify emissions.
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