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Recommendation for shop online

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Hi all,

I am from Bulgaria and I have a Chrysler Grand Voyager 1993, 3.3l, automatic transmission model A604 (41TE). I have to do a major overhaul of the gearbox. I've got a spare gearbox and I'd like to replace all the steel and Clutch discs, gaskets, bushings, pump's bronze bushings and everything needed to be the gear in the best possible condition. After the repair, it will be uploaded it to the car. In place of the current one. My car needs me every day and is constantly on the move. But I feel that the transmission is about to issue a luggage ... :)

My request to you is to recommend me online shopping site from which I could buy my kits and necessary spare parts. I have a PayPal account and a credit card. In Bulgaria it is quite difficult to buy original spare parts ... Internet shop should be able to supply spare parts to Bulgaria.

After cleaning and careful scrutiny of disassembling box shows that apparent steel plates and friction plates (Clutch discs) must be replaced. And the large piston rings and seals.

I've seen pictures of this address - and I am delighted with
the professionalism of this automatic transmission mechanic/specialist. I've seen many other materials.

Please refer me to appropriate my kits and spare parts so I can assemble a good gearbox. Of course, within a reasonable budget :) :) Possibly and for a manual ?

I found a few sites but I would like your recommendation. Here they are:

Thanks in advance to all those who participated.

With greetings from sunny Bulgaria,

p.s. Please be excused for my bad English :(