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Recommended shocks to cure nose-dives when braking 2005 Ram 1500 4X4,

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Hello ' ALLPAR-DS ', Hoping one of you may have some knowledge of a good shock absorber to help combat nose dives when braking this short wheel-based rig. Maybe an off-roader may know of an adjustable unit that would allow a ' dial-in ' for rate change between front & rear ? I've heard KYB, & some others have this, but lost the references I once had on mfg's. Watching the headlites at nite, fall ' below the horizon ', is wierd enough, but, here in MT, with winter coming on, I know the nosediving is going to be no fun-( unless ya like that kinda exhibitionism ! ). If somebody can advise me, or point me in the right direction, I'd sure appreciate it, Thanks !
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Excessive front dive when braking may be from inoperative or compromised (weak or delayed braking action) rear brakes. They have to contribute to the overall braking of the vehicle or it can cause nose dive.
Have the front shocks been checked or changed?

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Thanks very much to; ImperialCrown & Bob_Sheaves for their inputs, both of which I hadn't considered. I have experienced some delay in the brake pedal/braking reaction & I ck'd the reservoir level & the pads which have approx 3/16's at the Front & 5'16's at the Rears. This may be the biggest part of the problem. No, the shocks appear to be the originals, & that leads me to the 2nd input; I know about the amount of anti-dive being designed into the front susp. geometry, & The ' rate of change ' ( how fast it happens )- or the ' resistance ' is exactly what *I'm looking for- Thanks ! I'll ck out the mentioned shocks come Monday. Thanks to both of you guys for taking the time to lend a direction, it's much appreciated-especially for my 1st sign-in !
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