Simon Haddad, the Dodge Challenger racer who set all sorts of records with his Hellcat, has moved on to a new Redeye and he is already laying down stunning track times with his near-stock Mopar muscle car. This past weekend, the man known in the Mopar online community as “Phast Hemi” hit two different tracks and the results were impressive, as even with temperatures in the mid-80s and a Density Altitude number over 2,700, he was able to run in the 10.30s.

The Mod List

I should start by pointing out that Haddad’s 2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye is not stock. It has skinny front wheels and tires and aftermarket rear wheel wrapped in 305/45/17 Mickey Thompson ET R drag radial tires.

That is his mod list.

This standard-width Challenger has the full leather interior, full factory exhaust, big factory brakes and a locked engine computer, meaning that he is running on the stock power ratings. In other words, this Redeye is a tough lighter than stock thanks to the skinny front wheels, but it is running on stock power with everything else remaining in factory form.

We should remind you all that the “official” quarter mile time from Dodge for the standard-body Redeye Challenger is an 11.1 at 131 miles per hour, but that is with the stock Pirelli street tires. Dodge did not give an official quarter mile time for the Redeye with drag radials, but it was widely expected that the Demon-powered muscle car would run well into the mid-10s.

It turns out that with a good driver and good tires, the standard Redeye will run into the lower-10s.

Day One

On the first day of racing this weekend, Haddad took his Redeye to Grand Bend Motorplex in Canada for the special event held by Demon owner "SRT Hayes". In addition to a day of racing for the others in attendance, Hayes gave Thrill-Rides in his Demon and made over 50 passes in one day.  He only stopped to switch tires, fill up gas and pick up a passenger, giving around 40 or more Thrill-Rides from 9am to 5p.

During the 3rd SRT Hayes event at Grand Bend Motorplex, there was a Density Altitude of 1,136 feet when Haddad ran his best time to date with the Redeye. The 4,600+ pound Challenger on a 28-inch drag radial ran an 10.320 at 136.48 miles per hour with a 1.471 60-foot time. He also made a handful of other runs in the 10.30s, but the 10.32 was and continues to be his best.

Day Two

On the second day of racing, Haddad headed to Lapeer International Dragway in Michigan, but the weather wasn’t as nice as it had been the day before. Temperatures were in the mid-80s and the DA was over 2,700 feet for much of the racing action, but that barely had any impact on the Redeye’s times.

“[The Redeye’s} tremendous factory cooling system and tech kept intercooler fluid temps under 70 degrees and IATs under 110 all day- on hot laps, at 84 degrees ambient, at 2700+DA. This allowed us to click off passes as quick as 10.37 with 1.46 60fts and trap speeds at 134 mph+. The best part...didn't need to use a single bag of ice. Way to go Dodge!“

So, while the Redeye was a half-tenth slower on the second day, it was hotter and the air was worse, yet the car barely slowed down.

Incredible Potential

Again, these are numbers for a stock 2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye with the standard-width body, skinny front wheels and tires and a 28-inch drag radial out back. People frown at use of the word “stock” when anything has been changed, but in all reality, this is a stock car with aftermarket wheels and tires running 10.30s in the quarter mile on an 84-degree day.

When Simon Haddad gets some more seat time and better air, his Redeye is going to get very close to the 9-second range without any significant changes, showing the massive potential of the Redeye package in the world of drag racing.