The SRT engineering department created a unique Dodge Durango SRT Pursuit Concept vehicle for the annual One Lap of America. This SUV, nicknamed Speed Trap, is a purpose-built SRT Durango powered by the supercharged Hemi from the Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye with 797 horsepower.

As part of the annual road rally and track series, this Durango traveled more than 4,000 miles, hitting eight different tracks in seven states in just seven days. One of those tracks was Brainerd International Raceway in Minnesota and while there, the Redeye-powered Dodge SUV lined up with a Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk.

The Durango is a bit bigger than the Jeep and it weighs a bit more, but the Redeye Hemi offers 90 more horsepower and 62 more lb-ft of torque than the Hellcat Hemi in the Jeep. This power advantage more than makes up for the weight difference, as you see in the video below.

Now, it comes as little shock to most people that a Durango with 797 horsepower would be a Grand Cherokee with 707 horsepower, but to some people on social media, the result of this race comes as a surprise. We don’t know exactly what either vehicle ran, but we can see that the Dodge gets a much better launch, jumping out to a big lead that was too much for the Trackhawk to overcome.

Even though the outcome makes perfect sense, this is still a cool video showing Ma Mopar’s nastiest production SUV taking on the Redeye-powered concept machine going head-to-head in the motorsports venue that Mopar has dominated for decades. Mind you, we don't know for sure what the Redeye-powered Durango ran, but in other videos floating around the internet, there are claims that it ran in the mid-11s, working to save the tires as best they can for the other rounds.

More importantly, the race in the clip above was one of the steps taken by the SRT team to secure a second-straight SUV class title in the One Lap of America.