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Reflash a used ecm help!

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First I would like to say hello as this is my first post here. Next I would like to ask a question that hopefully someone here will know the answer to. I am trying to reflash a used ecm (dodge cummins ecm) to work on a different vehicle. Basically what I am trying to do is either completely erase the ecm so I can load the new flash files or find a way to make the drb3 flash the file i want to give it. Does anybody have any idea how to make this work? I have a DRB3 that is fully updated. The ecm's are both 05's and I have a subscription to tech authority. Please help!
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Welcome to Allpar. This can't be done at the dealer level and probably not (legally anyways) at the regional electronic module repair depot.
The dealer can update software to the latest code if a new code is available, but the firmware 'seed' set in the microprocessor chip is embedded and never forgets what it was or is supposed to be, application-wise. That can't be changed with available tools. I've tried.
Once flashed to a newer version, it can't go back to an older version.
Your best bet would be to purchase a blank engine control module and program it the way you want.
Something like this for non-EPA certified racing/off-road use only: http://www.moparsupe...msp5153ems.html

Edit: Or:
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