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Removing center from New Yorker trunk lock

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Hi, I was wondering if there was an easy way to remove the center piece from the outer trim ring on this style of trunk locks:

Reason being is that I would like to create a mold for it and mold it in clear plastic to match the crystal pentastars.

I took a really beat up one apart trying to figure if there was a good way to get it loose but I pretty much cracked the piece in half trying to.

Any help or ideas would be great, thanks.

Oh, and I'm also going to be casting a crystal one for a Dynasty grill, the trunk locks happen to be the perfect size for the grills.

I'm very fond of hood ornaments and the New Yorker grills in general, but I'm a little more fond of the Dodge crosshair grills and think that with a crystal center star, it would look pretty nice.
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You probably can't remove it. at least without breaking it. Maybe heat might soften whatever glue was used and increase the chance of it coming apart in one piece.

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Alright, I hadn't thought of that and it did the trick. thanks.

It's glued on by the 3m doublesided trim tape stuff, and although I heated it a bit too much and melted the front piece a tad, I'm going to sand it out anyway to get the corners sharper for the mold.

I'll update with the process and results once I'm done, it'll be a really nice touch.
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