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Removing the screen in the Power Steering Tank...

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Has anyone tried or had success in removing the screen in the bottom of the metal power steering tank? My low mileage '01 PT Cruiser has the famous "power steering whine" going on, so I want to remove the screen (which is known for plugging up) and install an in-line filter (something easy to replace on a regular basis). Last night I removed the tank and "attempted" to remove the screen. Needle nose pliers were not long enough (the opening was too small as well), so I went up through the large tube on the bottom with some heavy wire and got the screen to start ripping. Of course it started to come out in bits and pieces, so now I have a new problem. How do I make sure I've got it all out (and I know I currently do not, I can see some still in there, been trying to get it with a screwdriver...) so there won't be little pieces of screen in the system causing blockage.

I also noticed that the "lid" to the tank is pressed on and held in place by metal tabs; has anybody been successful in getting this apart (which would give me full access to the inside of the tank I think)?

Any ideas?

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