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Removing the WIM (Durango WD) - loose but won't come out

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I need to remove the WIM from a Durango WD. So far I've removed the gauge cluster, radio/trim and the driver's lower dash. I removed two 8mm screws from the back, and now the module is a little loose. However, it won't come out of the dash. I know it's held into a larger plastic bracket with 4 screws at the front, but I can't access these with the ignition/start stop button bezel attached.

can't see any section on removing this in the shop manual I have, and can't spot anything obvious with a mirror and flashlight. My best guess is that this chrome ring and bezel unclips from the front, then the module is removed from the back. However I see no way to access or release the clips.

Anyone know the proper way to do this without breaking the trim ring? thank you

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This is the 2012? From time to time a used factory manual disc shows up on ebay, etc. A 2012 disc would probably still require Internet Explorer to read. All copyrighted factory service publications are available from TechAuthority.
Disconnect the battery neg(-) terminal & follow cautions/warnings when working with Airbags. The WIN module comes out from underneath.

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Thank you, apologies for the late reply. The diagrams were a big help in removing the trim panels. The WIM itself was a real pain but I got it.

Unfortunately I broke one of the tabs on the ignition switch trim ring. I think I can repair it though. You need to pry the start button trim ring up and use a fine pick tool to release the three clips. One at the 6 o'clock position, and two smaller ones at about 10 and 2 o'clock positions.

In fact in hindsight, I don't know that you need to remove the WIM to remove the trim ring....

I'm doing this to refinish the chrome trim ring around the start button - don't need to do anything with the WIM other than reinstall it.
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