The 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee and a currently unnamed 2022 Jeep three-row version are both being readied at this very moment. What do we have to look forward to?

First, both are moving to the new “Giorgio Global” platform/architecture. Depending on who you believe, Giorgio was developed in Italy by Alfa Romeo, or by FCA globally; Giorgio Global at least has former-Chrysler input regardless of the story.  In any case, the Grand Cherokee has always been unibody with a rear drive base model, and both those attributes will continue.

2022 Grand Cherokee WL rendering
Suzq044 made this rendering guided by inside tips

What does Giorgio include? The first Giorgio car has a double wishbone front suspension and a multi-link rear suspension; the current Grand Cherokee already uses a multi-link rear suspension.  The Giulia has a torque vectoring system using dual clutches which might make it to Jeep; we’ve also been told to expect optional magnetic ride control. The platform is basically a set of dimensions; the architecture is mainly engineering choices; this part or that part might or might not be shared. While some expect the new vehicle to be lighter, and that's almost certainly a goal, it’s not a given. Better cornering and a lower center of gravity are likely.

The new turbocharged straight-six engine won't be ready for the new Jeep, or isn’t appropriate; instead, buyers will see the usual suspects—the 2.0 turbo four, 3.6 Pentastar V6, and at least one Hemi V8—all with hybrid systems (called eTorque). This is probably the Wrangler's and Ram’s mild setup, at least on the larger engines. There will be a PHEV (plug-in hybrid) version for late release, which should be a winner in places where fuel is expensive, like Europe. To date we've heard nothing about a possible Hellcat version, which would probably be at least one year down the road.

As far as we know, the transmission will continue to be the ZF-based eight-speed; it’s a reliable and efficient unit, even though Ford and Chevrolet have gone to ten-speeds. Chances are this will be an upgrade to the current design, but the differences will be relatively subtle.

The three-row will debut first, which will relieve our tension regarding the name—will they go with Commander (which would certainly confuse Chinese buyers, with their much smaller Grand Commander), or Grand Cherokee Unlimited, or something completely different? (Jeep Durango, perhaps?—but that seems unlikely since the Durango is said to be continuing.)

One should expect any technologies that other FCA vehicles have to end up in the Grand Cherokee, as the most elite Jeep (until Wagoneers come off the line); that includes the larger telematics displays used in current Rams.

The code for both vehicles is WL, with the Grand Cherokee taking the code WL74 and the unnamed three-row version taking code WL75. The WL75 is set to debut in late 2020, with ordering starting before the end of the year if all goes well. The Grand Cherokee itself will follow, with a debut in early-ish 2021. The PHEV is set to start late, and based on delays encountered by the Pacifica, might not appear until calendar-year 2022; but FCA currently hopes it will arrive in mid-to-late 2021.