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Renegade facelift '23

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I'm sure if you search it you'll find more info on it. It was shown in Brazil.

Just thought I'd toss that out there.
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Yeah sure, when Carlos is able to close any of the under utilized factories in Italy I’ll believe FCA is gone.
oh Like Belvedere & Windsor too? ok
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Why doesn't Chrysler need an SUV/CUV? That's where all the sales are these days.

Neither is the Renegade rated all that great.
Sales Encore vs Renegade.
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The Encore had a positive sales direction pre Covid, and the Renegade had a negative one.

Im lost..... so your saying 554,918 units since 2015 for the Renegade is bad compared to the 574,990 since 2013 for the Encore is good even with the 2 year headstart?
1 - 2 of 142 Posts
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