With  April sales of around 6,625 units, the Jeep Renegade continues to drive Jeep’s growth in Europe.

There were 8,881 Jeep registrations in the European Union plus Iceland, Norway and Switzerland 22% more than in  April 2015. For the first four months of the year, total Jeep registrations hit 35,351, 23% ahead of the same period last year.


Jeep has now reported year-over-year growth in Europe for 30 consecutive months.

As in the U.S., small crossovers and SUVs are booming in Europe, with registrations up 31% in the first quarter. The Renegade is ranked ninth out of 15 models in the segment while its clone, the Fiat 500X, is ranked fifth. Between the two, FCA has the third-largest market share in the segment, behind Renault-Nissan and PSA, but ahead of GM and Ford.

The Grand Cherokee continues to be Jeep's second power player. It was ranked tenth out of 20 large premium SUVs in the first quarter of 2016.

Based on best estimates, the Renegade and Grand Cherokee have combined to account for about 74% of total Jeep brand sales in Europe.

Total FCA registrations were up almost 13% in April, beating overall market growth of 9%. Fiat brand deliveries rose 14% to 68,263 vehicles, while Lancia grew nearly 16%. Alfa was down slightly and Maserati was down by around 23% to 511.