The Jeep Renegade can do wheelies, it seems, just not the kind funny cars and bicycles do.  Under emergency braking, Spanish car site  (as reported in Jalopnik) has filmed the little Jeep lifting its rear wheels in the air.


The Jeep Renegade does have electronic braking controls which should maintain control during hard braking, even with two wheels in the air; the stops, while disconcerting, seem straight and controlled.

The problem red car is diesel-powered; the rear wheels did not seem to leave the ground in 2-liter gasoline-powered car. Renegades sold in the US and Canada have different powertrain and trim, and so far haven’t been seen doing reverse wheelies.

An FCA spokesman wrote, “The Jeep Renegade, which features Electronic Roll Mitigation and Electronic Stability Control as standard equipment, meets or exceeds all mandated safety requirements. The Company is investigating the circumstances surrounding these demonstrations.”

Jeep Renegade in China

Jalopnik also criticized the Renegade’s appearance high speed “moose-test” multiple-swerve maneuver which emulates a driver suddenly seeing an animal in the highway. Allpar members wrote that the Renegade was not unusual; amateur racer Mike V. noted that his Neon had a similar look, and Rick Anderson added, “there are plenty of photos of Neons lifting a rear wheel off the ground in ACR racing or radical maneuvers, no one ever got alarmed.”

The original source ( noted that the Renegade which lifted the rear wheels was diagnosed as having a hydraulic problem, but wrote that they had heard of one other European Renegade with the same problem.

Jeep is investigating. If a systemic issue is found, it’s likely it could be resolved through software. It’s also possible that the filmed Renegade was a one-off edge case.