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While repainting the Sundance, I noticed some moisture in the trunk. I had removed the rear spoiler to paint it and the hatchback. The water seems to be comming from either the seal between the rear window and the hatchback lid, the spoiler seal or both.

What works best to keep water out from each of the 2 areas? For lack of knowledge and correct materials, I used a white non-silicone home exterior sealant to seal the spoiler to the lid. Some of it didn't hold up to wind and water but I hoped it would be enough. I noticed when I originally took it apart there was a grey and very tacky (sticky) sealant between the hatch and the spoiler; I would like to use this stuff but I don't recognize the product.

Does anyone know what it is called or how difficult it is to purchase?

What is normally applied between the rear hatchback window na the hatchback or what can be substituted for water protection?
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the seals on the hatchbacks go bad. a decent quick test for that is to get some type of simple brush on paint and brush it on one side of the weatherstrip and close the lid. open it again and see where the paint has transferred. if there is a gap, there is your leak. if not, its probably not the weatherstrip.
ps, use a paint that u can get back off, dont want a colored weatherstrip.
with the spoiler, im not sure of a silicone or anything for it. is it just a bold that goes through it? cuz if so, the holes are all that could really leak. if its that some rubber washers would likely stop that.

hopefully this helps

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-I like the rubber washer idea.
-instead of paint on the gasket, I may try, colored water, but definitely something I can was off...I like the transfer marking idea.
-while I was reading your post I started thinling of the putty that is used around air conditioners; they was some very tacky grey putty like stuff in there when I took it apart.
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