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Replacement brake pads - 2011 T & C and newer

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When I took our van in for regular oil change & inspection, I was informed that we need to replace the rear brake pads because they were worn to 4mm. The fronts were supposed to be O.K., although they only measured 6mm.
They gave me a quote to do rears only, that day, for $220.
I refused but started a search.
Looked up brake pads on line @ Rock Auto, Holy Cow! More selections than sand pebbles on a beach!
So made more inquiries. Advised to use ceramics only as that is what the factory spec'd as OEM.
One source said buy Raybestoes --- but they show 2 different sets in ceramic!
2nd source said buy Wagner --- they show 3 different types!
Advance store has Wagners, but says that Akebono are the best - but most expensive!

So, anybody done this yet? We have 35,000 miles on the originals. I would have thought that they should have lasted longer than that! Our Caliber went almost 70,000 miles before it needed replacement pads.

Opinions please!
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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