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I have swapped the EFI from a 92 5.2 motor onto a 440 motor for my tow vechicle. Its a 80 model
3/4 ton truck, 4.10 gear,crew cab. It has a modified 46RH trans w/ a 2.74 low gear in it. What I need is
the .bin file (dirrectory) to navigate through the info on the EEPROM. I have download the chip-and
I have several chips to use, but don't know where to start. HELP!!!!!!! I can go the the company that
orignally did this chip but they want 400 dollars for each chip--weather they were good or bad for
this application. About 1400 for this on a dyno. Although this would be the best bet, would this also
help on the trans (shifting and downshifting)???? Being able to get into the .bin files I should be able to help the shift schedules based on the engine info....Any help would greatly appreciated......
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