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Researching a vehicle build date

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I'm new to this forum (2nd post) and was curious to know if there was a database to research the build date and plant location for a 1971 Plymouth Fury. Thanks, Jim
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That would be too old for the dealer level (~1996-later) and too young for the Chrysler Historical Foundation (pre-1968).
They used to do this service, but I don't know if they still do. The Chrysler museum and Chrysler archives have been cut way back since the bankruptcy and ended many historical services. A shame.
I was able to get a photocopy of the IBM punchcard for the '66 Crown years ago.
Hopefully the archives have been saved somewhere and are possibly in private hands or with someone like the WPC club. You might contact the club.

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You can find lots of general information with the options code plates (metal business card sized, attached to the top edge under the hood of the driver's inner fender). Go online and punch in something like 1971 Plymouth Fury build codes, there are quite a few guys/gals out there that like to share information they have found. Is the car intact enough that the rear seat containing the original build sheet is still there? Usually stuck between the seat springs and foam rubber.
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